• QHow do I recover my lost ID (email), Password (name) when using the site?

    A pre-registered site ID and password can be retrieved by contacting help@soscon.net.
    The standard response time is 1 day but we will strive to respond back as quickly as possible.

  • QCan anyone use the site?

    Anyone can use the site.
    However, specific functions (Participation in live comments etc) are only available to logged in members so we encourage as many applications for participation as possible.

  • QWhen can I register for participation?

    Participation registration is from September 10th (Thu) ~ October 14th (Wed) and registration on the day of the event is possible.

  • QWhen does the event pre-registration end?

    Event pre-registration is from September 10th (Thu) ~ October 8th (Thu)

  • QWhen will it be possible to get the pre-registration event giveaway?

    The givaway will be notified via text message when the event closes on October 8th (Thu) to the randomly selected pre-registered participant.

  • QWhat kind of event is SOSCON 2020?

    SOSCON is short for Samsung Open Source Conference.
    This is the 7th national confernece that is currently being held and is an event to bring together the leaders and professionals in various Open Source fields so that they can communicate openly and learn from each other.
    More than 2000 software developers have participated to exchange Open Source knowledge and various experiences.

  • QWhen and where is the SOSCON 2020 going to be held?

    This year SOSCON will be held virtually due to the covid -19 pandemic.
    Participants will be able to participate on the SOSCON homepage on October 14th (Wed) after registering for participation on the site.
    Seminar keynotes will be uploaded live on Youtube concurrently as the conference proceeds.
    * Pre-registered applicants: Pre-registered applicants will be notified in the morning via email on the day of the event. Recipients of the email will be able to connect to the event via the link in the email.
    * Participants on the day of the event: Participation is possible once registered on the site on the Smasung Open Source Conference homepage (http://www.soscon.net)

  • QWhat time does SOSCON 2020 start?

    The event starts at 10 am starting with the keynote speeches of the best professionals in the Open Source field. In addition, events like Open Source community meet up, SOSFest etc have been planned.

  • QWhat is in the SOSCON 2020 event program?

    SOSCON 2020 event program is comprised of 4 parts.
    'Keynote' to deliver messages of the value and future of Open Source by Open Source leaders.
    'Session' touches on Open Source technology that focuses on various growth potential fields like AI, 5G, Security etc.
    'SOSFest' is a festival that activates various Open Source through code contributions from Open Source developers.
    In addition to this, there is the 'Open Source Community Meet up' with famous international Open Source communities.

  • QWould it be possible to get event materials?

    Videos of the Keynotes, sessions and Open Source Community meet up will be available online on the homepage after the closing of the event. Other than this, there will not be any other provision of files.

  • QWill there be a Q&A session during the event?

    Real time Q&A will be available in the response window of the session presentation part during the event.
    In order to draft comments in real time, registration for participation and log in is required.