About SOSFest

Samsung Open Source Code Festival is a festival for everyone

where software developers can gather voluntarily and freely participate

in contributing code to create a healthy open source world.

Mine Festival
Try participating in projects
with SOSFest labels!
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1. Shall we try being a 'walker' and 'runner'?

If you try being a walker, runner for a 'Masters program' during SOSFest, a commemorative gift will be provided depending on the theme.

Open Source topics
Types of Open Source projects
AI related Open Source
NNtrainer, NNStreamer, ONE, Mercy Proj 4개
Tizen Open Source
TAU, Tizen-Csharp-Samples, TizenFx, Tizen.TV.UIControls
Various Open Source
rlottie, swc, Guider, thorvg
Translation Open Source
2. New Open Source development during SOSFest

- A new Open Source development using Masters targeted open Source

- Deliver developed Opensource Repo to by Oct 14th(KST)

3. Develops making multiple pull requests
4. Proactive developer mentoring
    and communicating developer