My Open Source Project Acquired by Tech Giant. Now What? REVIEW

You are an owner of an open-source project. What if someone approaches and suggests you transfer your project? I've been contributing many open source projects as a maintainer or contributor. One day a tech giant approached me and suggested to transfer the project because it would fill their missing gap where one of their services was lacking. After discussion, we agreed to transfer the open source project. During the discussion, I learnt several insights.
Throughout this session, I'd like to talk about:
* How open source project can impact on your personal and professional development, and
* How this "transfer" impacts on yourself and developer communities overall.
  • Justin Yoo
  • Justin Yoo / Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate
  • He is interested in projects that integrate on-prem resources and cloud services through platform integration technology like iPaaS - Serverless and Messaging. He runs and contributes to several open source projects.

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