Implementing Web VR (Virtual Reality) through Mozilla Hubs REVIEW

WebXR is a web standard technology that configures 3D rendered virtual/augmented reality through VR headset or devices within a web browser. Recently, modern web browsers are being adopted the fastest from a mobile browser such as Samsung Internet to desktop browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. In this session, we introduce WebXR technology with PC and mobile device demos, and learn about open source-based Mozilla Hubs that can serve them directly. Hubs allows you to build communities in virtual spaces, bring together online classes, exhibitions, collaboration as well as playing games. You can learn how to deploy and operate the Hubs Cloud on AWS about your ideas. This session will be helpful to those interested in developing open source-based web virtual reality technologies and services.
  • Channy Yun
  • Channy Yun / AWS Principal Tech Evangelist
  • Channy Yun spreads new cloud technologies and enable developers to utilize AWS cloud. He spent over twenty years in developing and operating online music service, payment, e-commerce, and large-scale API platform.  He started his career as a web developer and played various roles such as startup CTO, a leader of open source communities, and a power blogger in the Korean IT industry. Before joining AWS, he worked as a leader of the R&D department and was in charge of building open API platforms and supporting 3rd party developers at Daum Communications (currently Kakao).

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