Introducing social benefit SW story as a junior developer
-「From 「2019 Samsung Junior SW Cup」 & Bixby Developers」 REVIEW

The SW team ‘Reinventer’ from three students Daeshin high school at Daejeon are currently developing a lot of SW applications to make better our place and society. Last year, they had made application named ‘ALL NEW’, which is easily able to offering job opportunities for aged peoples, won the excellence award in ‘2019 Samsung Junior SW Cup’. We meet how their awesome idea came from, how they worked together as a supportive team mate. Also, they had made Bixby capsule ‘Public mask alarm’ a half year ago, when all people had trouble in buying mask. Bixby SDK as open source allow junior developer to do more
  • Reinventor
  • Reinventor / Daejeon Daeshin highschool
  • We had met together from SW group in our school. all team members are dreaming of being skillful SW programmer for contributing to society. Our first program named ‘ALL NEW’ made for senior people to allow them to get easily helpful information on their mobile, most of them didn’t know that information even exists. Also I devoted to make Bixby Capsule ‘Public mask alarm’ and application ‘COVID-19 alarm’, ‘ COVID-19 Chatbot’, ‘Too mush speaker’ for single household. I am currently trying to be better programmer for further beneficent influence to our society as team leader, junior SW programmer.

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