How can developers grow through OpenSource? REVIEW

Today, most of the Software Technology is based on OpenSource Projects. Many OpenSource Projects are Community-Driven, not just freeware released for free. Software Engineers need a lot of skills, but most of them can be learned by participating and contributing to OpenSource. However, It is difficult to learn to take the first step in the OpenSource World. Larget Scale OpenSource Projects are so huge that it's hard to know where to start contributing, and it's easy to be caught in the fear of "Can I develop Core Technologies?". Based on the speaker's experience in contributing to dozens of ML OpenSource Projects over a year, the presentation provides specific ways to start contributing to the OpenSource Project.
  • Wansoo Kim
  • Wansoo Kim / OpenMined SMPC Team Developer
  • The Speaker have made large and small contributions to dozens of Large Scale ML OpenSource Projects, and now He is working as a Maintainer of HyperOpt, the HPO Library, and developing SMPC(Secure Multi-Party Computation) at OpenMined's PySyft, the Privacy Preserving AI Framework.

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