SOS Ecosystem, power to change the world REVIEW

We come across a lot of open source in our lives. Many people, however, hesitate to contribute to open source; He also had hesitation on contribution. If you have hesitation like He did, don't miss this SOS opportunity. Contribute with SOS Mine and enjoy enormous benefits with SOS Masters. Find greater value here than simply getting a job spec or something. He will share his experiences on the On-Device Neural Engine (ONE) project and the SOS Masters program. Hope that more open source contributors to gather up and have time to create the SOS Ecosystem.
  • Dongwon Paek
  • Dongwon Paek / LUPLE Embedded AI Engineer
  • 9th SW Maestro supervised by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Electrical Engineer Majored Developer, Start-Up Developer, SOS Mine ONE Project Contributor, SOS Masters’ First Walker, SOS Masters’ First Runner. As an Embedded AI Engineer, He is contributing to ONE(On-Device Neural Engine) open source with committing AI optimization engine’s compiler kernel source codes.

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