Introducing Creative Coding Open-Source to Generate Art REVIEW

Out of numerous open source libraries and communities out there, there are groups of people who make visually mesmerizing, responsive to mouse or sound inputs, deep-learning inspired artworks with programming. Not only developers, but beginners, designers, artists, educators and anyone with any sort of background can participate and contribute to these creative coding open source communities. In this presentation, the speaker mainly introduces p5js and processing libraries that she is personally familiar with, are well-known in the industry, and have clear community guidelines. While the applications of creative coding and creative technology are not yet widespread in South Korea, the speaker introduces them in this presentation as she believes it surely will achieve more and more adjacencies with other industries.
  • Dongwon Paek
  • So Sun Park / Developer + Artist, Frontend Developer (Tripbtoz), Creative Technologist
  • Sosun is currently working as a full-time frontend web developer. On the side, She have been participating in labs and groups to study, research, share creative coding works. She enjoy using programming languages to create visual works, therefore p5js ml5js are few of her current favorite open-source libraries. Creating visual artworks that embodies certain messages and meanings with creative coding and interactive technologies is her favorite thing to do. She frequently upload her works, exhibitions, interesting references on her instagram and blog.

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