SSAFY's Delicious Open-source Olio Aglio Challenge REVIEW

A total of 30 outstanding trainees from Samsung SW Academy For Youth participated in the open-source project unveiled by Samsung. Challenges included the development of AI-Pipeline apps using NNStreamer and a preview of rlottie customization. We will talk about the two open-source technologies that we encountered during the process, and present the development experience, which has been like a rollercoaster throughout the process of solving various problems with Samsung's technical mentors. While participating in the entire development process from planning to design, development and testing, we have realized the importance of “openness” within open-source development methods and the impact of team collaboration on the outcome. Finally, we will introduce a demo we made using development code and open source with our sweat and fingerprints.
  • Open-souce Olio Aglio Project
  • Open-souce Olio Aglio Project / Samsung SW Academy For Youth
  • Samsung SW Academy For Youth (hereinafter referred to as SSAFY) is a software education program organized and sponsored by Samsung Electronics and certified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor to foster software specialists in Korea and to enhance the competitiveness of youth employment. On behalf of the third generation of SSAFY trainees, we have been working on an open-source project with the maintainers of Samsung Research. 

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